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Your Wedding

Marriage is a serious commitment, but your wedding day should be fun! It's your special day and you want your wedding to reflect your needs.

Whether you prefer traditional or informal; classic or wildly wonderful, simple or lavish; big or small; or something in between - you will always remember your marriage ceremony with joy. I would love to work with you to assist you in every way possible to create your perfect wedding ceremony.

Your Venue Options

The beauty of selecting a civil marriage celebrant is that you are not restricted in where or when you are married. Wherever you choose: in a chapel, on the beach, in a garden, high above in a hot-air balloon, or any unique OR traditional location, I will work to ensure your ceremony is perfect for your venue.

Your Ceremony

As a Registered Marriage Celebrant I can offer you a choice of traditional or not-so-traditional ceremony. I will provide you with samples of different ceremonies, which you may choose from, to make your special day memorable, meaningful and filled with fun and happiness. Apart from fulfilling the legal requirements of a wedding ceremony, you can put as much of yourselves as you want in designing your individual ceremony. Of course I can offer suggestions and provide resources to help you. I can have as much or as little input into the preparation and the ceremony as you would like.

Poetry, cultural and religious rituals, and customs can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony if you wish. To top off your ceremony, I may suggest an order for the ceremony, to suit and balance the content.

My aim is to create a truly personal and meaningful ceremony which genuinely reflects you as a couple.

On The Day

I will ensure that no other ceremony time has been booked too close to your wedding and ample time is allowed. I will dress to fit in with your wedding.

As it is very important for everyone to hear the ceremony, I can provide a quality public address (PA) system, if required.